Douglas D. Holt
5400 E. Williams Blvd. #5206 Mobile: 480.215.4131
Tucson, AZ 85711  

Senior Visual C++, COM, ATL, MFC Software Architect / Laser Systems Engineer

Please note that these skills and years of experience have not been updated since 2009...  (hey, I've been busy... :)

TODO:  Add the last 6+ years of intense infrared imaging semi-conductor failure analysis and nano-motion-control experience to the following list...


Resume of Douglas D. Holt

Letters of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation from Dave Troksa

Letter of Recommendation from Josh Kelley

Letter of Recommendation from Shawn Phillips

Projects:  (Also see my projects page for more detailed descriptions.)

DaVault Enterprises & DaVault Software Design

ProcessVista by InnerIQ™


Equity Alliance Properties

Most projects I've worked on are customer proprietary, and as such, I am not at liberty to showcase those products.


United States Patent # 5,960,447

United States Patent # 7,558,730

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